i get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow… gonna be a puffy baby for a few days so don’t expect any selfies of my new an-aesthetic (ha)

Day 43: butterscotch creme with friends at cafe intermezzo

“Marigold” wallpaper design, William Morris, 1875


Marsha Cottrell - Cosmos, 2011

iron oxide on mulberry paper

Day 42: Amelia


vintage valter. u look cold because your body is a skeleton


Ruby Rose

What's #100happydays?

it’s a project a lot of people are doing where they post 100 pictures, one for every day, of a thing that made them happy that particular day. it helps you to recognize the little things, things that make you happy. the website is http://100happydays.com/ !!

Dissatisfied selfie 🐐